Herbal Medicine

Herbs that heal

The origin of modern pharmacology finds its roots in the ancient study and use of natural substances and herbs.

Western pharmacology developed directly from the herbology, the study of how plants live and are related to human beings and their health.

Chinese Herbs work in combination with acupuncture and are mainly used to tonify the blood, elevate energy levels, resolve phlegm and stagnation of fluids thus improving metabolism, producing a cooling or warming effect on the body.

Medicinal herbs have been used in China since prehistoric times (over 5000 years) thus contributing to the formation of the most sophisticated and researched herbal medicine in the world.

Herbal formulas work synergistically and treat multiple symptoms at the same time  providing a long term solution. Best used for chronic, mild or moderate conditions and in some cases can even help preventing more intrusive medical approached like surgery.

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