Traditional Chinese Medicine

Science and Art of Healing

The underlying logic to Chinese medical theory is that the parts can only be understood in relation to the whole.

In Chinese naturalist and Daoist theory this whole can only be understood by looking at patterns, change and inter-relationships; this theory developed into the theory of yin-yang.

The theory of yin-yang is based on the concept of balance, harmony and change. Nature and the cosmos is seen as the essence of balance and flux, constantly interacting and transforming. The human is seen as a cosmos in miniature; dynamic and transforming, yielding and nourishing, it is seen as a finely balanced interplay between all natural elements.

The physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine must look at the human landscape to see patterns, it is these patterns that reveal the inner balances and imbalances of the body, once this has been diagnosed then treatment can be given to remedy the imbalances and to put the body back into harmony.

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