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The healing power of food

Some people say that ‘we are what we eat….but, truly, very few people know exactly what they put into their body every time they take a bite at something let alone they know the effect that this food has.

Our bodies are complex machines that for millions of years have adapted to thrive on nutrients that we get through foods. Yet, nowadays, we have a far different lifestyle from our ancestors and we don’t even know what the word  “natural” means anymore. We are bombarded with contradictory and ever changing information from publicity,  TV and the internet and this is becoming somewhat confusing leading us to despair and to care less and less about ourselves. We say ‘oh, anyway it’s late’. It’s never too late to start taking proper care for ourselves and build solid ground for a better and long lasting future.

Having a healthy life style and a healthy nutrition is at the base of both healthy body and mind. That much is true. We fight prolonged periods of stress and we tend to indulge in what we find comfortable, normally over sweetened and over fattened foods. It takes only a few days of distraction to pile up some extra weight that we will have to fight back into sweat (if only that was possible…). In fact sweating doesn’t really help burning calories in itself even though they made us believe that.

We hear about toxins piling up in our bodies and we imagine our microscopic cells like deadly wastelands full of junk but, really, our body is perfectly designed to get rid of any harmful substance we might produce. By eating properly and enjoying foods we can dramatically slow down the aging process and even fight back the inflammation that arises when our immune system reacts to harmful substances introduced in our bodies also with food or as a final result of excessive body weight because what our cells react to, in general, is the excess.

We are bombarded every day with nutritional advices that create confusion. Nutritional sciences sound and are a complicated matter that requires knowledge and patience but it’s also true that Nature provided us with all the necessary tools to fight back. These tools are there, right before our eyes and what we need is just some guidance to make the right choices. We have lost contact with the balance but, luckily and very often, getting back on track is not that complicated and you would be surprised of the benefits.

That’s the best that I, as any other professional and dedicated clinical nutritionist, can offer you. 

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